Our Story

Making the World a More Beautiful Place One Flower at a Time

Teamwork makes the dream work. Hello, I’m Patty Northman. My husband Doug and I moved to Arlington, Washington so we could have land for horses. We enjoy living at Soaring Heart Ranch with our horses, dogs, and cats. With teamwork over the last 10 years, we have expanded our gardens to include over a thousand dahlias

When we first arrived there were no gardens, so we started with a vegetable garden, then added the flower gardens. I do the day-to-day care of planting, watering, harvesting, digging, and dividing the dahlias. Doug helps my dreams become reality with infrastructure projects like building the greenhouse, making raised beds with irrigation systems, managing the website, and fixing just about anything.

Our main goal is to enjoy their stunning beauty and to share the bounty with others. If you’re wondering what we do with all these flowers, we give bouquets to friends, neighbors, the hospice care center, senior homes, and nursing homes. Giving these bouquets brings so much happiness.

“We feel so privileged receiving the colorful, vital eye candy you gift us with all summer. You cannot imagine the joy it brings to patients, their families, and all of us. With heartfelt thanks!”

Thanks from the Hospice care Center

So much to learn about dahlias! I started exploring a new aspect of dahlias by continuing my education. At the encouragement of a dahlia friend, I joined my local dahlia club (Snohomish County Dahlia Society). They’ve provided both learning experiences and comradery. I took a couple judging classes, joined the Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers, and the American Dahlia Society to learn more about how dahlias are judged at shows. I entered my first shows in 2022 with the goal of having fun and learning more. With some beginner’s luck, I had the high honor of making it to the head table at my second show! As a novice exhibitor, I have so much more to learn.